“A Woman Who Paints Tangkas”: AMNH and Columbia Anthropology Exhibit

Digital companion to a 2021 exhibit by students and faculty in the Museum Anthropology MA program. A Woman Who Paints Tangkas can be seen on the far wall of the Tibet section of the Hall of Asian Peoples, American Museum of Natural History, New York.

“The Soil Is Sentient”

The art/archaeology exhibit "The Soil Is Sentient" curated by Jeff Benjamin was installed in Low Library in Spring 2020. Covid restrictions made it relatively inaccessible to most, so artists Natalia Granquist and Jorie Van Nest have now translated the show into a virtual exhibit. Click through to explore the site. 

“THE CAMERA IS OUR WEAPON”. Kayapó Video Warriors in the Amazon

Online exhibit and case design for AMNH. Curated by a team of Columbia University Museum Anthropology graduate students in consultation with AMNH and Kayapo activists. Image credit: Krãkrax Kayapó

The Sacred Rice Project: Archaeology and History in Madagascar’s Central Highlands

Prof. Zoe Crossland and colleagues are researching the history and archaeology of rice in highland Madagascar. Rice is the main dietary staple in Madagascar, but it is also understood as sacred and life sustaining. The project investigates the introduction of rice to the region and its role in highland life.

SANIGHTAAQ – Yupik Ceremonial Gut Parka

Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History | May 28—August 4, 2019 -- Curated by a team of Columbia University Museum Anthropology graduate students, this exhibit features a striking 19th century sanightaaq, or Siberian Yupik ceremonial gut parka.

Excavations at Hadrian’s Villa, Italy

Professor Francesco de Angelis (Dept of Art History and Archaeology) co-directs a program of field research and a summer field school at Hadrian’s Villa

The Gorge Project and Field School, New Mexico

Initiated by Professor Severin Fowles (Department of Anthropology) in 2007, the Gorge Project is an ongoing network of research collaborations in northern New Mexico centered on the landscapes, visual culture, and archaeological traces within the Rio Grande gorge

The Karashamb Animals Project, Armenia

The Karashamb Animals Project investigates the animals found buried alongside humans in the Bronze Age necropolis at Karashamb (in modern day Armenia). It is driected by Hannah Chazin, Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology.
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