Undergraduate Concentration in Archaeology

Interested in Archaeology, but don’t want to commit to the major?

A concentration in archaeology is a great complement to a range of disciplines, such as History, EEEB, Earth and Environmental Studies, Classics, and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, to name just a few. With an interdepartmental concentration in Archaeology you can choose your focus by assembling classes from many different departments to fit your particular interests.

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The Interdepartmental Concentration in Archaeology allows students to continue to take classes from across different fields. This program of study should be planned with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Archaeology. A total of 21 points is required from within Anthropology, Art History & Archaeology, and other approved departments, with no more than four courses being taken within any single department. Requirements for the concentration are as follows:

  • Any one of the following courses:
    • ANTH V1007 The origins of human society (link active for Fall semester only)
    • ANTH V1008 The rise of civilization  (link active for Spring semester only)
    • ACLG V2028 Think like an archaeologist  (link active for Spring semester only)
  • One seminar or colloquium in one of the following departments: Anthropology, Art History and Archaeology, Classics, EEEB, or History, as approved by the DUS
  • One related course, planned with the DUS in accordance with the student’s interests
  • Three upper-level archaeology courses, including at least one from two different regions of the world

Undergraduate Concentration in Anthropology

Another option for studying archaeology is to concentrate in Anthropology. This also allows you to focus primarily on archaeology, with an orientation toward those classes offered by the Anthropology department. It is also possible to petition the Director of Undergraduate Studies to take archaeology courses outside the Anthropology Department

  • Required points: 20 points within the department of Anthropology
  • Required Courses for a Concentration in Archaeological Anthropology:
  • ACLG V2028 Think like an archaeologist (Spring semester)

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