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The archaeology graduate student experience at Columbia is one that can be profoundly interdisciplinary. Most course work will of course be centered in one’s home department, but many graduate students also take advantage of opportunities to access a wide variety of archaeological expertise at Columbia. This can be done by taking courses or developing a course of independent study with faculty in other departments. Dissertation committees also often involve archaeology faculty from other departments.

Doctoral students can also take classes through the inter-university consortium, which offers students the opportunity to take graduate courses at universities throughout the greater New York area. These include NYU, CUNY Graduate Center, Rutgers, Fordham, Stony Brook, and the New School.

The Center for Archaeology works to enable interdepartmental links, both at the student and faculty level. If you need to develop or access particular expertise for your project please consult our faculty list or make an appointment to talk with one of the CCA directors.

The Center for archaeology regularly sponsors events and workshops for graduate students in archaeology. The Center also facilitates short training courses in different techniques (eg., portable X-ray fluorescence, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, microscopy etc). We also periodically host and fund graduate student conferences. Contact the CCA for more information.

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