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Columbia University Archaeology Circle’s Blog has a full list of recently advertised field projects and other opportunities, in the US and abroad

Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin hosted by The Archaeological Institute of America

Fieldwork Opportunities in the United Kingdom hosted by The Council for British Archaeology

Columbia Projects

The Rio Grande Gorge Project, Taos, New Mexico
Field School run by Barnard College. More information 
Director: Professor Severin Fowles
Hadrian’s Villa, Italy
Run as part of the Advanced Program of Ancient History and Art (APAHA) More information
Co-Director: Prof. Francesco D’Angelis
Link to Office of Global Programs, CU
Columbia Fieldwork in China
Run bColumbia University; Survey and excavation of Guicheng, Shandong Province.
Director: Prof. Feng Li
Castles in Communities Project (Facebook site)
Archaeological research around Castles in Communities past and present across the Irish landscape
Columbia University associated project; Director Prof. Clarence Gifford
Pambamarca, Ecuador (Facebook site)
Proyecto Pambamarca, Cayambe, Ecuador
Columbia University associated project; Director Prof. Clarence Gifford
  1200 Amsterdam Ave.
MC 5523
New York, NY 10027
  (212) 854-1390

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