Addressing Racism Seed Grant Initiative: Rethinking archaeological pedagogy at Columbia and in the discipline.

This summer, the Office of the Provost launched a new seed grant funding opportunity for faculty projects that engage with issues of structural racism and enable collaborative dialogue, action, and insight for systemic change. The Center for Archaeology was awarded funds toward a project to rethink archaeological pedagogy at Columbia and in the field more widely.

We aim to develop a series of workshops aimed at faculty and students that will build an interdisciplinary conversation at Columbia about curriculum, syllabi, inclusive pedagogical methods, and mentoring. We then aim to scale this conversation up and out to other universities across the US, with the end goal of creating resources that can be drawn upon by faculty in designing and redesigning their teaching and curricula. This project has been developed in close collaboration with the Society of Black Archaeologists, and the Archaeology Centers Coalition.

Faculty participants named in the funding proposal included: Zoë Crossland, Brian Boyd, Hannah Chazin, Terence D’Altroy, Severin Fowles (Anthropology); Francesco de Angelis and Lisa Trever (Art History and Archaeology); Marc Van de Mieroop, Sailakshmi Ramgopal (History); Ellen Morris (Classics & Ancient Studies); Steven L. Goldstein, Sidney Hemming and Dorothy Peteet (Earth and Environmental Sciences); Jue Guo (East Asian Languages and Cultures); Erica Avrami, Jorge Otero Pailos (Architecture, Planning & Preservation).

The full listing of Faculty Seed Grant awardees can be found here.

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