Where does archaeology sit in relation to Black Lives Matter and how might we find ways to engage with the insights and challenges of this moment in our archaeological practice? How do we move beyond statements of solidarity against anti-Black racism and towards making sustainable systemic changes in the discipline? And what might that change look like?

A panel discussion, held on Thursday June 25th 2020

Facilitated by Maria Franklin & Justin Dunnavant.
With Alexandra Jones, Alicia Odewale & Tsione Wolde-Michael.
Chaired by Ayana Flewellen.


This panel discussion gathered notable scholars from different sectors and backgrounds who bring diverse experiences and interests to the topic of archaeology in the time of Black Lives Matter. Themes touched on include personal and scholarly activism and forms of solidarity; pedagogical and curricular strategies; capacity building and community engagement; and how we might diversify and critically rethink research themes and the presentation of archaeological heritages.

Sponsored by the Center for Archaeology, the Society of Black Archaeologists, and the Theoretical Archaeology Group (North America)

Link to antiracist resources document that grew out of this event

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